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Sajen Legal solves the problems that stand in the way of your success. We take pride in providing outstanding business and legal services to a wide range of clients from start-up professionals and entrepreneurs to NGOs and government agencies in Australia and internationally.

Established 1997

Sajen Legal offers practical solutions for savvy business owners who see the value in protecting their business and its operations.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we offer a range of outstanding business advisory and legal services.


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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

A proven track record of great results and outcomes for our clients

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Access to immediate help and advice

Intellectual Property

Find out how to identify, protect and manage your IP portfolio

The Sajen Accord

Unlimited access to outstanding business and legal services for a fixed fee

Business Advisory

Reliable legal advice can mean the difference between success and failure

Real Estate Disputes

Are you involved in a Real Estate dispute?

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“Sajen Accord gives my business a real advantage over the competition. It almost seems unfair.”

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“Sajen really listens to me before coming up with strategies to solve my problems.”

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