Are you involved in a stakeholder dispute? Are you involved in a director, shareholder, partner or trust dispute?

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, it is quite common for a business owner or operator to find themselves in dispute with a third party (whether a business or an individual).

This is always a difficult situation.

Are you involved in a stakeholder dispute?

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Unfortunately, disputes also occur within businesses themselves, because a sad fact of life is that teams don’t always stick together. This can be very stressful, because most successful businesses are built around a good team that works together in a cohesive way. Internal disputes can quickly cause what was a profitable business to hit a rocky period financially.

It is important for any business owner or operator to understand that stakeholder disputes can occur within any business structure.

In a company, you can have disputes between:

  • Directors
  • Directors and shareholders
  • Shareholders.

In a partnership, disputes can be particularly difficult, because of the issues of unlimited liability that arise.

In trusts, the fiduciary duty that exists between trustees and beneficiaries can make things difficult.

What should you do if you are involved in a stakeholder dispute?

When companies, partnerships or trusts fall into dispute, you should obtain legal advice as quickly as possible.


It isn’t always easy to dismantle a company, partnership or trust. You need to make sure you follow the correct legal process if you want to have a chance of saving the business, reaching an amicable solution (even if that means someone has to leave the business) and avoiding ending up in a court battle.

Why should you use Sajen legal’s litigation team to manage your stakeholder dispute?

At Sajen legal, we are experienced in dealing with stakeholder disputes. Often, the best outcome is a negotiated solution that allows the owners to separate amicably.

Unfortunately, however, it isn’t always possible to achieve a negotiated solution, because the parties may each have a very strong view that it is the other party that should exit. In other situations, personal issues make things more complicated.

At that point, the process of achieving a solution can become more complicated and you may need to go to court. That is the point when you will want one of our experienced litigators to assist you.

Finally, because we offer a fixed-fee service for litigation, you know exactly what your costs will be.

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Don’t take our word for it. What do our clients say about us?

Sajen listens to you before coming up with great strategies that will solve my problems.

Ferre de Deyne - Big Kart Track

Sajen has provided good legal advice over a number of years to myself and partners, and has always
remained in easy contact when required. Sajen has a good reputation and backs it up with quality advice. I
have no hesitation in recommending Sajen in his areas of expertise.

Richard Hill, Operations Manager - Property & Business at Sunshine Coast Regional Council

We have been clients of Sajen Legal since they commenced work with us in 2006 on registering our company logo
trademark. Since then, we have relied on Sajen’s professional legal advice, from preparing client and architect
agreements to advice on copyright. We are great believers in “prevention is better than cure” and
we really appreciate Sajen’s guidance in helping us to set up systems which assist us to practice with care and

Lindy Atkin - Director Bark Design Architects
We have been using Sajen Legal for over 6 years for all our legal and company law requirements and have been
totally satisfied with their advice to our various companies. In 2011 we became members of Sajen Accord. This
is a great concept, for a set monthly fee all of our legal requirements are covered. If you are serious about having a
legal firm that truly understands your company's needs, you need to have Sajen as your law firm.

Jon Ruckman, Managing Director - Minpro Mining & Engineering
After utilising the services of various law firms and receiving little work for extremely high and costly fees, I was
reluctant to call solicitors and ask for legal advice. It was an extreme relief to find a law firm that understood its
clients; needs and were willing to work harder to meet them. I firmly believe that the Sajen Accord retainer has
saved my business thousands of dollars in legal fees and has provided me with a newfound security
and confidence during the daily operations of business.

Hayley Skinner, National Manager - The SunKISSED Girls
I am often asked: who looks after your legal requirements; contracts being a regular occurrence in publishing
and media. I am reluctant to give up this information, not wanting my opposition to have the same quality of
legal advice that I have come to respect and expect from the Sajen team. Sajen Accord gives my business a
real advantage over the competition. It almost seems unfair.

Scott Publishing and Media
Insights Consulting have utilised the services of Sajen for a number of years and have always felt comfortable
relying on their advice. We often find that the Sajen team will actually proactively participate in our business
above and beyond traditional legal services which for a small consulting group adds to our talent bank.

David Aaron, Insights Consulting
We have utilized Sajen Legal for several years and can recommend them as being a quality law firm, who can offer a
depth of knowledge and advice.  We have a ongoing Accord Agreement and it benefits our Company
greatly. We have the assurance of always having full access to advice as we need, with a firm who understands
our requirements and with whom we have relationship with. I would not hesitate to recommend
them to any business who is needing support in this area.

MPR Services Pty Ltd
Sajen Legal approached us with their accord agreement, providing a distinct difference to previous legal services we
had utilised. After taking the time to understand, review, and analyse our business group operations, Tim & Kyle have
provided well shaped advice to suit our industry & operations. Now without question, we utilise the Sajen team to give
best advice and planning across our business operations. The value provided by the team and the benefits of
our accord agreements has provided both saving and benefits to our business.

Matthew Tenkate – General Manager, Major Training

Sajen have been extremely helpful and supportive helping a new inexperienced company with all our start up needs.
The advice and knowledge from their team have given us the confidence as a company with any business matter. I would
not hesitate in recommending them to any company.

Amanda Hayward, The Writer's Coffee Shop.

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