Restraint of Trade Clauses

protect cash flow trade clauses

Restraint of Trade Clauses: Protect the Cash Flow and Confidentiality of Your Business Restraint of trade clauses are a useful tool for protecting the cash-flow and confidential information of the employer.  They are commonly found in employment contracts, often disguised by a different title, e.g. ‘no competition’, ‘non-solicitation’, ‘no poaching’ or ‘confidentiality’ clause.  They generally continue reading

Stop Theft, Prevent Genericide


How would you know if the physical assets of your business were stolen?  Apart from the occasional item flying under the radar, it’s fairly easy to keep track of your physical assets through regular monitoring and stocktakes. After all, you’d probably notice if something important went missing, right? While this may be true for your continue reading

Be A Tough Tenant


Too often we see clients hamstrung by lease terms that they were not aware of when they signed up. As a commercial tenant you may feel like you have limited bargaining power when negotiating the terms of your lease. This is far from true. Reviewing lengthy lease documents can be a tedious task, but if continue reading

Do Your Wages Add Up?


Do your wages add up? All employers should make note of the 2.5% increase to minimum wages which will apply from 1 July 2015. Check out the Fair Work Ombudsman’s update for more details: If wages are left unchecked, not only can underpaid staff members come back to bite you for large lump sum continue reading

Keeping It Fresh


Have you ever had an idea which you thought was totally original? Have you gone on and done a bit of research, only to find out that it has been done before? Maybe you have started humming what you thought was an original melody, only to realise it was actually a song you heard on continue reading

Brandish Your Power

brand logo

The term “branding” originates from the practice of marking cattle with a branding iron to differentiate them from the stock of other farms. But the concept of branding as we understand it today is far removed from those humble origins. Brands are no longer limited to a logo or name; branding comes in many shapes continue reading

The Try On


The forces of good prevailed over those of evil yesterday.  It doesn’t happen every day, but it is heartening to know that just occasionally the system works as most fair minded people think that it should. We had recently been consulted by a lady who some 7 years ago resigned her position as a director continue reading

5 Symptoms Of Post Christmas Insolvency

post christmas insolvency bankruptcy

The post Christmas period is a notoriously difficult time for many small businesses.  The excesses of the festive season are compounded not only by customers with their hands in their pockets but December’s production was cut short by holidays and Christmas party hangovers.  Sadly, for some businesses those difficulties can be precursors to total failure – insolvency. continue reading

Business Law Update for 2014

There is no doubt that 2013 was a huge year of change in respect of the laws applying to small and large businesses. This will continue throughout 2014. I recently presented the 2014 Business Legislation Update Seminar for the Australian Institute of Company Directors on the Sunshine Coast. Some of the key areas I addressed continue reading

What is a partnership?

I have recently been asked about partnerships generally, and what distinguishes them from other business structures. It is important to have a firm understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership, before entering into one, to run a business. What is a partnership? A partnership is essentially an agreement made between 2 to 20 continue reading

Amendments to Privacy Laws – Is your business compliant?

The Australian Privacy Principles On 12 March 2014, the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Cth) will come into effect. This amending Act drastically bolsters existing privacy protection measures offered to consumers and reflects increasing public concerns regarding the handling of personal information by businesses, particularly in the on-line environment. The Act also introduces continue reading

Protect your smart idea

In difficult financial climates, the businesses that flourish are those that are not afraid to diversify the products or services that they offer to their clients or customers. Whether it is offering a new product to target a lower income segment of the market, or a Smartphone App to allow clients to access services remotely, continue reading

Asset Protection for your Business

I was recently invited to sit on Your Business Panel. The panel was put together with the objective of assisting business owners by providing expert advice from different professions, in a unique question and answer session. One question asked during the panel’s session highlighted to me the importance of asset protection in the structure of continue reading

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