Small fee, big legal help.
That’s LeaseHelp by Sajen Legal.

Sajen Legal developed LeaseHelp to help small to medium-sized business secure ‘the best’ lease agreements, so you can get back to business.

Confidence and peace of mind for only $29.99 per week.

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You sell coffee, clothes, beer or pizza and you’re damn good at it!.

What you’re probably not the best at, is the legal stuff.

Boring, long, confusing legal stuff – like employment contracts, intellectual property and leases (to name a few). Leases are a big one.

We’re willing to bet that your landlord has secured the better end of your lease.

Sajen Legal are the best at the ‘legal stuff’ for small businesses. And after years of experience, we have realised three things:

  1. There are a tonne of businesses out there that are more or less at the mercy of their lease agreements and that’s bad for business.
  2. Business owners are busy with business and navigating a lease agreement is bothersome and time-consuming at best. That’s also bad for business.
  3. Traditionally the use of a lawyer by tenants has been seen as an unnecessary addition to overheads, that leads to tenants not receiving the level of advice their Landlord gets … that’s definitely bad for business.

What exactly do I get?

  • Unlimited access to advice in respect of your business premises lease
    • unsure if a landlord is entitled to charge certain outgoings?
    • have an issue regarding damage, is it yours, the landlord’s or the insurer’s responsibility?
    • received a Notice to Remedy Breach?
    • wish to terminate early or renegotiate your lease?
    • disagree with a rent review?
    • want a rent reduction for nuisance in the building or a close-by area?
    • having a dispute with the landlord that you want resolved or negotiated?
  • Unlimited access to advice in respect of the Retail Shop Leases Act
  • New Lease or Lease Renewals (including all Retail Shop Lease disclosure documents)
  • Review of your QCAT forms prior to lodgment in the event of unresolved disputes

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Sunshine Coast Office

Level 3
77 Mooloolaba Esplanade
Mooloolaba, Qld, 4557
P: (07) 5458 9999

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