Timothy Borham


Timothy is a director of Sajen. His experience across the areas of intellectual property, dispute resolution and corporate structuring makes Timothy crucial to clients who wish to protect and grow their business. Tim believes that legal services should be a stimulating, not an adverse factor in a client’s profitability, and that the Sajen Accord delivers that dynamic impact.

Timothy Borham

Qualifications, Board Roles and Memberships

  • Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business (International Business) – Queensland University of Technology, 2008
  • General Counsel for Major Domus Ltd (Hong Kong)
  • Advisory Board for Stewards Capital Group
  • Member of the Sunshine Coast Innovation Network
  • Member of the Royal Commonwealth Society – Hong Kong
  • Member of Northern Suburbs Football Association – Sydney
  • Member of  Pennant Hills  Golf Club
  • Member of the Sunshine Coast Futsal Association
  • Member of the Sunshine Coast Football Association
  • Speaker at DEEDI Business Seminars
  • Drafted articles published in Profile Magazine and Growcom Magazine


Areas of Expertise

  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Law/Contracts
  • Corporate Structuring and Governance


Question & Answer with Timothy Borham

Tim has spent several years in Hong Kong where he operated as a valuable link to Sajen’s clients as their ventures expanded into the Asian markets. Tim presently splits his time between the Sunshine Coast and Sydney offices to best serve Sajen’s client base across the Eastern seaboard.

Let’s get to know him a little better…

Sajen is a multidisciplinary firm covering a wide range of legal areas so what is your favourite type of legal work?

I enjoy working with a variety of clients and across different disciplines of law, rather than being pigeon-holed as a specialist in just one area. I like to operate as a general or in-house counsel and be involved in both problem-solving and assessing business opportunities from the outset. My specific areas of experience include finance, e-business, mining/manufacturing, media/publication and information technology.

And your favourite type of client?

My favourite type of client is simply one that I can build a good relationship with. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ASX-listed corporation or a family business: Being able to become an integral part of their business and their decision-making process is important to me and is what allows me to provide the most benefit to my client.

What are some of the highlights of the last few years where you have assisted clients?

A particularly memorable matter was defeating a multinational corporation who was challenging my client’s trademark application. In this case, the intellectual property was the foundation of my client’s business and was crucial to its ongoing success, reputation and value. One of the most common highlights I encounter (particularly from the client’s perspective) is a review of a client’s entity, asset and business position. We can then often facilitate a business restructure that increases asset protection and minimises their tax. Conversely, when we haven’t been given the opportunity to be proactive, I gain great satisfaction from formulating and negotiating a resolution to help clients extract themselves on favourable terms from hostile business partnerships.

Sajen Accord is going to be the cornerstone for future of client relations, what is your take on the initiative?

It is often said that prevention is better than a cure, and our Sajen Accord is based on exactly that principle. It is a high quality and diverse method of risk prevention in the business world. The Sajen Accord allows us the unique opportunity to be constantly involved with a business, without the usual associated expense. For years we’ve had to use a sword to fight on behalf of our clients because disputes have been brought to us when they are beyond repair. We now have the opportunity to be our clients’ year-round shield. We cannot only protect them from matters that arise, but proactively identify and nullify risks within their business operations. Our Sajen Accord is giving SMEs the ability to compete with big business by having their own “in-house counsel” without the over-sized wage bill. The solicitorclient dynamic has been flipped so that we are now a stimulating factor in our clients’ profitability rather than a potentially adverse one. Sajen’s and our clients’ interests are aligned. The Sajen Accord manifests itself into the most rewarding part of my job, which is when our clients consider us as part of their business team, rather than an expensive outsider.

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