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It’s a rare business that has no employees. And employment relationships are one of the most common causes of disputes in business. With the proper contracts and policies in place, you can minimise the potential for dispute, and protect your valuable intellectual property and confidential information. You can even prevent former staff from unfairly competing with your business.

Sajen legal has many years’ experience providing advice, contract services and litigation for employers throughout the country for many types of business and industry.

Make use of our well-earned reputation as experienced employment lawyers to protect your business now!

Employment Lawyers

Employment law is not for all law firms. It takes a quick mind, the right tools and commercial acumen to protect your business in the modern employment environment. Sajen Legal’s employment law team is widely regarded by its clients, and peers.

Utilising our fixed fee retainer services and rapid communication, we take the fear out of the process and provide certainty where others won’t.

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