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Business & Commercial Disputes

Are you involved in a business dispute?

Whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or own a small business, you will be aware that life in the commercial world revolves around relationships.

These relationships exist not only between your business and other businesses but between your business and a wide range of individuals. Each relationship is regulated by a contract, whether verbal or written. Furthermore, many aspects of business relationships are also regulated by state and federal legislation.

Most businesses have relationships with:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers or clients
  • Employees.

In a perfect world, these relationships run smoothly, because everyone abides by their rights and responsibilities under the law. In short, in order for the commercial world to run smoothly, everyone needs to do the right thing.

However, sometimes a business relationship you have runs into trouble because you find yourself in a dispute or disagreement with a supplier, customer, client or employee, either over the terms of a contract or your legal rights and responsibilities as a business owner.

What should you do when one of your business relationships hits a bump in the road?

If you find yourself in a business dispute, you should get legal advice as quickly as possible.


Because a lawyer can tell you exactly what your rights and obligations are under the law.

Why should you use Sajen Legal’s litigation team to manage your commercial dispute?

At Sajen Legal, we are experienced at helping our business clients resolve their commercial disputes as quickly as possible. Sometimes, these issues can be sorted out through negotiation and mediation.

On other occasions, however, you may need to take your your dispute to court. That is when you will see the value of using our experienced litigators . In short, if you’re heading to court, you want us in your corner.

Finally, because we offer a fixed-fee service for litigation, you know exactly what your costs will be.

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