Are You A Director Of An Insolvent Company?

director company insolvent directors duties bankruptcy

During difficult economic conditions it is important that all directors revisit their duties as directors and are aware of how the board should deal with the situation where a company is in financial difficulty and may be insolvent. What is insolvency? A company is deemed to be insolvent when it cannot pay its debts as continue reading

Good Advice Never Goes Out of Style

style 400co business lawyers fashion women brisbane queen street edward street

In an industry that is dominated by grey suits, Sajen Legal aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with a bit of style. The boutique business law firm has recently joined forces with corporate fashion label 400 Co. to bring an evening of inspiration and glamour to the coast. Earlier this year, Sajen lawyers continue reading

Shareholders Rights

shareholder rights business shareholdings lawyer commercial advice legal advisors

Everything You Need To Know About Shareholders Agreements If you’re planning on investing in a company, you probably expect that your investment will allow you to realise certain benefits in the future. Perhaps you’ve been promised a share in the company’s profits, or offered a managerial role in the business. Maybe you want to influence continue reading

Why You Need a Holiday

Working Holiday Business Lawyer Commercial Law

Do you remember how much you looked forward to summer holidays as a kid? Weeks of running riot with your mates through the neighbourhood, long lazy days at the beach, and not a scrap of homework in sight! It’s hard to believe any grown-up would need convincing to take a holiday but apparently some people continue reading

5 Quick Tips for Creative Types

creative types web designers graphic designers web developers business law owners

Busy creative professionals like graphic artists, web designers and copywriters will know how much time and effort goes into working on a new brand for a client. Once those creative juices start flowing, the rush of inspiration often leaves little room to consider possible legal ramifications and financial consequences. These are seen as mind-numbing technicalities, continue reading

Taking the Hassle out of Business Travel

business travel ppsa

Overzealous airport security, long days on the road and annoying flight delays can make travelling for business a challenging experience. However, there are ways to make your business travel less stressful and more enjoyable. Whether you’re travelling to see clients for half the year or have to attend monthly meetings interstate, there are simple ways continue reading

Cash Flow is King

stock cash flow business law commercial lawyers

Cash flow problems are often serious concern for any business. In today’s world, unstable economic conditions are making it increasingly difficult for small and medium businesses to maintain a steady source of cash flow. However, a cash flow problem doesn’t necessarily stem from negative cash flow. It could come from making a huge payment, leading continue reading

Government Agencies & Search Warrants

search warrants asic government

The use of search and seizure powers by various government agencies (DERM, QPS, ASIC, ATO etc.) puts businesses at risk of significant penalties and brand damage.  The way a business responds, by providing either too little or too much cooperation to these agencies, can have a significant effect on the ability to minimise the impact continue reading

How to Sink your Ship in 4 Ways

sinking ship business

Businesses can fail for a range of reasons, many of which are obvious. There are, however, a number of (perhaps less discernible) factors that frequently and unwittingly contribute to the failure of businesses. We’ve listed some of these below – don’t say we didn’t warn you! 1. Putting all of your eggs in one basket continue reading

Trusting Your Trust


Trusts have become an extremely popular tool in business and personal asset protection and tax minimisation strategies. A common misconception with a Trust is that it is a legal entity in the same mould as a person or a company. People will often say “my trust owns this” or “my business is a trust”. Whilst continue reading

Director Penalty Notices – Back to Basics

director duties back to basics

In some circumstances, company directors may be held personally liable for company debt. Such circumstances include where a company owes monies to the ATO under the Pay As You Go withholding system (PAYG) and/or pursuant to its Superannuation Guarantee Charge obligations (SGC). In the event a company fails to pay any amount of PAYG and/or continue reading

Great Moustaches of the World


It is the end of November – a month where men around the world grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health. In honour of these manly mo’s, we have compiled a list of 10 great moustaches from history: 1. Ron Burgundy 2. Salvador Dali 3. Groucho Marx 4. Tom Selleck 5. Albert continue reading

Creative Types: Know Your Rights


Whether you are an artist, designer, inventor, or just all-round creative genius, your ideas are your most important asset, and you need to make sure they are being looked after. Because no matter what stage you are at in your creative career, it’s never too soon to break out of the starving artist cliché and continue reading

Avoiding the Nightmare before Christmas

christmas party employment law

Avoiding a nightmare before Christmas: Tips for Employers when planning your staff party Did you know that employees attending work Christmas parties are generally considered to be acting in the course of their employment? That means you could be held responsible for any injuries or inappropriate behaviour that may take place, especially where free-flowing alcohol continue reading

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