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Confidential Information

What is confidential information?

From a business point of view, confidential information is any type of information that you regard as confidential. Confidential information may include:

  • Trade secrets
  • Know-how
  • Financial records
  • Marketing plans
  • Customer lists
  • Technical information.

How can Sajen Legal help you protect your confidential business information?

In an era where the leaking of confidential information is a growing risk, because manufacturing and service delivery have moved offshore, competition to be first to market has increased, and social media or ‘whistleblower sites’ provide a place where sensitive information can be quickly divulged to a wide audience, you need to be sure you are managing your confidential information effectively. In Australia, there is no legislation that specifically protects confidential information. Instead, the protection of confidential information comes from a common law doctrine that recognises an obligation to keep information secret in circumstances where a person communicates information to another on an express or implied understanding that the information is for a restricted purpose. There are legal remedies available where there is an unauthorised disclosure of information and it causes detriment to the person who owns that confidential information.

At Sajen legal, our lawyers can advise you on strategies to protect your confidential information. If you have the unfortunate experience of discovering that your confidential information has been leaked, our litigation team can advise you on the steps you could take to protect your rights. Do you need assistance with protecting the confidential information vital to your business? Would you like to talk to a lawyer who can help you protect your confidential business information? Would you like to know more about our fixed-fee arrangements for our legal services? Call us now on 1800 640 509.

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